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Penalty for game leaving in Apex Legends?!

Apr 4th 2019

Everyone knows the pain of a teammate leaving early, right after he gets knocked down. It became a big issue that is bad for Apex Legends players, so game developers decided to do something with it!

Shroud's biggest concern with Apex Legends

Mar 24th 2019

On recent stream, Shroud has expressed his issue about Apex Legends that he thinks is going to doom it.

Awesome! One more legend is coming to Apex soon!

Mar 23rd 2019

Playstation accidentally leaked some important information about Apex Legends future updates: we will get one more legend this season!

Respawn finally fixes Apex Legends crashes!

Mar 22nd 2019

Have you been wondering what did Respawn add in the recent Apex Legends patch? Its one of the best thing that could happen to Apex players!

L-STAR: New gun confirmed coming soon

Mar 20th 2019

More of new Apex content from Respawn!

Dragons in Apex Legends?!

Mar 20th 2019

According to various leaks, there is something huge incoming soon. Dragons might be seen in Apex Legends!