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Our new Apex Legends stats tracker now available!

In-game stats in game like Apex Legends is a really important thing, and we as gamers know that well. That's why for the past weeks we've been working very hard on our own implementation of a system which allows players to check how they perform - Apex Legends Tracker!

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How does the Apex Legends Tracker work?

Saddly, we have a lot of limitations right now. The only stats that are shown on your stats profile are the ones from your Apex banner. Its not a problem we could overcome as we still need to wait for Respawn's API for a full tracker implementation, but we think we made something good enough for now.

Some tracker issues you may run into

You may have run into problem where you couldn't see any of your stats on our page. No worries, there is an easy fix to that! All you need to do is go to "banner" tab next to "skins" on your profile inside Apex Legends client. Then you just need to unlock the stats you want to be shown. You may have to unlock most of them through packs. If it's still confusing to you, see next paragraph.

Equipping Stat Trackers

All trackers are customized per legend and all legends have some unique trackers like "Gas Damage Dealt" by Caustic. To set which tracker you want to be shown on your banner (and thanks to that on our Apex Legends Tracker) you will need to:

  1. Select the Legends menu from main Apex Legends screen
  2. Select the Banners option in the top navigation menu
  3. Click a tracker on the left navigation menu
  4. Click on the tracker you wish to change
  5. Select a tracker from the list
  6. Your selected tracker may not be unlocked yet, you will need to gather materials to do so
  7. Your equipped tracker will show an orange check mark next to it
  8. Your updated banner containing your newly set tracker will also show on the right

changing apex trackers

If you did everything correctly, you should be all set to use our Apex Legends Stats Tracker!

Future of our Apex Legends Tracker

We are still working hard to improve your experience with our website. We want the Apex Tracker to be the best on the internet so we would gladly take every feedback from you! If there is something you think that is missing and could be added head over to our facebook page here and give us a message, we would love to listen to your complaints.

We are currently working on a mobile app of our Apex Legends Tracker, so stay tuned! It should be available on Google App Store very soon.

Right after Respawn Entertainment releases their own API, we will rebuild our tracker so that you can check your in-game stats in much more depth. Trust us, we want to add various things like KDA and we want you to see more about your profile but we are unable just yet.

Click here to open the apex tracker! We hope you enjoy it.