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Its official: New Apex season is coming!

Everyone has been spreading rumors about the new season of Apex Legends since a long time. We finally got information from Respawn themselves: Season 1: Wild Frontier is coming at 19 March 2019!

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What will it bring us?

  • New legend: Octane. There is no official date for their arrival, but we would expect them to come right with the start of Season 1!
  • Battle Pass: Standard battle pass can be bought for 950 Apex Coins ($9.50). However, if you want to unlock 25 tiers straight away, you are free to do so if you pay $28. Respawn confirmed that you can win rewards even if you don't but the battle pass! You will be able to get 1 legendary skin for Octane legend, 5 Apex packs and a lot more!
  • New skins: You should expect some news skins for your favorite legends!

Are you excited for the first Apex Legends season?