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Penalty for game leaving in Apex Legends?!

A penalty for leaving in a BR game? Turns out Respawn is doing exactly that! Leavers in Apex Legends are a big issue those days, and after a lot of complaints on various community sites and forums related to Apex game developers are doing something towards the issue

leaver penalty

Let's break down what the penalty even does: After leaving Apex game early 3 times in a row, you will get a 'leaver penalty' which does not allow you to start another game for 5 minutes. On a first glance it doesn't seem to help with the issue that much, but when we think about it, it really does make sense. People that leave immediately to start another game may think its worth to just stay in the current one and try to help their teammates. There is a big chance that they will be respawned in 2 or 3 minutes by their current mates and they will be able to play much faster. Leaving just to wait 5 minutes may not be worth for them.

While we think they should get a harder penalty, like losing ability to level up for a day or two, it still is great direction from Apex Legends developers.

Change reverted

Saddly for us, Respawn reverted the change. Turns out that the penalty wasn't supposed to come out today and they released it by mistake. They need to do more proper testing and think about the issue more deeply. Atleast we know that they are doing something to help the non-toxic players! We should get more info about the Apex Legends leaver penalty very soon, so stay tuned!

Do you think its a good idea? Should the penalty be harsher?