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Awesome! One more legend is coming to Apex soon!

Accident leaks are something we hear about everyday. This time, it's Sony that made a mistake and showed us some hot news. According to their info, there will be one more legend coming to Apex Legends in season 1.

apex new legend

One of the two legends mentioned in the image is already out: Octane. We can assume that the second one will be coming very soon! Besides it, we got information about new elements that will innovate the strategy of the game. It must be something big like a really strong gun or a completely new mechanic that will surprise everybody. Who knows, it may be even dragons we wrote about here.

Unfortunately, that's all we know for now, but we will keep on providing you with new information about new legends and items as soon as we get to hear about them. To be the first one to hear about it, like us on our Facebook!

Respawn Entertainment surprises us everyday with various leaks about Apex Legends. Let's hope they won't disappoint us!