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Shroud's biggest concern with Apex Legends

Shroud, one of the biggest streamer of Twitch TV has spoken about an important issue every Apex player thinks about since a long time. Yes, the issue here are cheaters. Shroud thinks that even though Respawn has banned over 500 thousand accounts, they still don't handle it very well and Apex Legends may be in trouble.

"You would not see as many cheaters if this game wasn't free to play" - says Shroud. He touched an important matter most games have to worry about nowadays. While letting people play your game for free and pay for cosmetics later looks like a decent model, it may backfire. Cheating people, when banned, can just make new accounts over and over again. Apex Legends developers, as we wrote here are trying their best to stop them, but it may not be enough and get out of hand very soon.

Shroud, as a former CS:GO pro player, knows how devastating for a game can cheating be. Cheats in a FPS game give such a big adventage that it's almost impossible to play and have fun. "I'm telling you, the cheaters are gonna ruin this game" - He thinks that as long as Respawn doesn't do better in handling the matter, Apex Legends will be doomed very soon.

What about you? Do you see cheaters in Apex Legends that often?